Can I get the choir or vocal music earlier?

Yes, we provide choir and vocal music in adobe acrobat files via email for local duplication, use and then recycling at the end of the concert.

I see your package shows, but can we make our own Disney show?

Disney music arrangements are available for pops concerts on any number of themes, but using the Disney brand or images in your titles, promotion or event is not included with music rental.  We will not provide any music for rental if it appears you will use the Disney branding for your event in any way.

How much Disney music can I have in our concert?

In a typical Pops concert, Film or Broadway concert Disney music must be less than 1/3 of the content in your program (approximately 20 minutes of music is a rule of thumb).   If your set list includes classical works from Fantasia we use these in our calculation of the number of Disney “related” titles in your program.

Can I list the name of the music or the films where this music is from in our promotional materials?

The titles of the Disney music may be used in advertising along with the other titles in the same font size, type and emphasis as all the others.

Can we record the concert with video or audio recording for archival purposes?

Yes, for archival purposes only.  There is to be no printing, posting, sharing, cross promoting your organization or any other use of the recordings without written consent of Disney Concerts.

Do you have packages of Disney music with media included?

We have a number of package shows you can consider for a full evening of Disney music with rights to promote and project Disney images during the concert and in your promotional materials.

How do we set up a rental or booking of Disney Concerts?

Disney music is available on a rental basis for orchestras worldwide.  Send a request through our website with a list of titles you are interested in performing.  Or send an email from our Contact Us link at the bottom of the home page.

How soon can I get the music before the rehearsals?

We ship the music scores and parts following receipt of the full rental payment.  We also need the agreement for the rental term signed and returned via email or mail along with the payment before we ship the music. Generally this is 1 month before your performance.  Additional preparation time may be requested and may require additional rental fees.

When and where to we return the music parts and scores?

At the end of your last concert we expect contractually to have the music returned in good condition at your expense to our offices at the Disney Studio.  Address: Disney Music Group, 500 S. Buena Vista St., Burbank, CA 91521-3068, Attn: Disney Concerts, (818) 560-3779

What do I get when I rent individual arrangements from Disney Concerts?

You have permission to perform the music only.  There is no right to use Disney brand, trademarks, logos, images or copyrighted characters.

Are we charged if we damage or lose the Disney music?

It’s possible.  We have details in the contract about fees if the music is not returned in good, complete condition.  Please remove any markings that are specific to your ensemble (names, instructions, fingerings, etc).  Cuts should never be made on the parts – use post it notes or other non-destructive markings.

You sent me a link to Disney.box for downloading promotional data, music, video or information how do I get into it again?

The first time you get an invitation you go to ‘new account’ and enter an ID and password of your choice to access the folders we’ve linked to your email address.  You can’t forward this link, but if someone in your organization needs it you can provide their address and we will send a unique invitation to them.  You can return anytime to these folders if you remember your account ID and password.