The Santa Claus Suite

SANTA CLAUS In his “The Santa Claus Suite”, composer George S. Clinton takes us on a musical journey that is full of the holiday fun, magic, and heart-felt emotion for which Disney’s “The Santa Clause” movies, starring Tim Allen, are famous. Throughout his festive suite, Clinton has sprinkled traditional Christmas melodies that are, as he says, “like treats on a sparkling Christmas tree.”

DURATION 07:39:00

The Santa Claus Suite
Written by George S. Clinton
Ó 2002 Wonderland Music Company, Inc.

2 Flute *Flute 1 doubles on Piccolo
2 Oboe
2 Clarinet *2nd doubles on Bass Clar.
2 Bassoon *2nd doubles on Contra

4 Horn (in two divisi parts)
3 Trumpet
4 Trombone
1 Bass Trombone
1 Tuba

2 Percussion (in 5 total staves) (Mark Tree, Wind Chimes, Triangle, Chimes, Glock, Sus. Cymbal, Xylophone, Snare, Sleigh bells, Piatti, Triangle, Tam Tam, Cymbal/ Bass Drum, Bell Tree, Woodblocks)
1 Timpani
1 Celeste
1 Harp

1 Children's Choir * make copies as necessary
1 Adult Choir* make copies as necessary

String Section (Vln I, Vln II, Vla, Vc, Bs)