You’ll be in My Heart

TARZAN STAGE The Broadway arrangement from the 2006 Stage Show


You'll be in My Heart
Words and Music by Phil Collins
(c) 1998 Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.
and Walt Disney Music Company

1 Flute
1 Oboe/ Clarinet

1 Horn
1 Trumpet (Actually Flugelhorn)
1 Bass Trombone

1 Trap Set
2 Percussion

1 Acoustic Guitar
3 Synthesizers
1 Electric Bass

Vocal Solo /Choir Part

String Section (Vln I, Vln II, Vc and Bs)
(No Viola)
Tarzan Orchestral Suite

TARZAN Songs Suite from Phil Collins music

DURATION 08:00:00

"Disney's Tarzan Orchestral Suite"
Songs by Phil Collins
Score by Mark Mancina
Orchestrated by David Metzger
Ó1999 Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc., Walt Disney Music Company and Wonderland Music Company, Inc.

2 Flute
2 Oboe
2 Clarinet *2nd doubles on Bass Clarinet
2 Bassoon *2nd doubles on Contra

4 Horn
3 Trumpet
3 Trombone *3rd is Bass Trombone
1 Tuba

8 Percussion 1-4) African Bongos, Djembe, Taiko, Djun-Djun, Shaker, Tambourine, Tri., Egg Shaker, Timpani, Sus. Cym., Typewriter, Temple Blocks, Shekero,
1 Drum Set

1 Synthesizer
1 Harp
1 Electric Guitar
1 Electric Bass

String Section (Vln I, Vln II, Vla, Vc, Bs)