Tinker Bell Concert Suite

TINKERBELL AND THE GREAT FAIRY RESCUE A concert suite made from score in the Direct to Video Orchestrated by Dave Slonaker, Bruce Babcock and Eugene Mishustin

DURATION 08:00:00

Tinker Bell Concert Suite
(for Orchestra and Celtic Violin)
from Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue
Music by Joel McNeely
Ó 2010 Wonderland Music Company, Inc.

2 Flutes *First doubles Piccolo
2 Oboes
2 Clarinets
2 Bassoons

4 Horns
2 Trumpets
3 Trombones
1 Tuba

4 Percussion (Timpani, Chinese Bell, Bell Tree, Sus. Cymbal, Glock, Piatti, Triangle, Gran Cassa, Celtic Perc, Bodhran + Sticks)

1 Piano/Celeste
1 Harps

Penny whistle in "d"
Celtic Violin Soloist

String Section (Vln I, Vln II, Vla, Vc, Bs)